Word of the Day: Vino

I thought about doing an Italian word every day that we are here that relates to the activities of that day. We only have one month left in Italy, so I think I will try to do that for the next month. I’m going to start today.

The other day on the food tour we learned about a little shop where you can bring your empty wine bottles and they will refill them and re-cork them for super cheap. I brought in 3 bottles and got 2 bottles of chianti and a white wine from the Traminer region of Italy. It is in the far north. You can also taste before you buy, but I was on my own and it didn’t sound fun to stand there in the shop and taste wines by myself, so I just took my chances. I opened one of the chianti bottles when we got home and it was quite delicious. In general, the wine here is quite good. We have taken two wine tasting classes (reds and whites) and learned a little about what we are tasting, but in the end I like to just kick back and not analyze it too much.

“Mi piace vino rosso, specialmente chianti.” I like red wine, especially chianti.