Meet our traveling companions

I think you are all aware that there are 3 other teachers participating in the semester abroad program here in Florence, along with 84 students. We have spent the last year getting to know the other faculty members and their families, and now we cross paths on almost a daily basis. I think it’s time for you to meet them, too.

Vi presento (I present to you) Diana Bennett, Art History Instructor

Diana is stylish, calm, thoughtful and kind. As a good pastor-friend of mine once said, though, everyone has a good story to tell after their second glass of wine. After sharing several glasses of wine with Diana, I have seen her more feisty side and I like it very much.

Vi presento Maria Giuili, International Relations and Women’s Studies Instructor

Maria is lively, witty, and fun-loving. She has lots of international experience: she was born in Poland, lived many years in Egypt, and has taught in the semester abroad programs in London and Florence. She also makes a fantastic chocolate mousse (even without a food processor).

Vi presento Nich Miller, Sociology Instructor

Nich is young, hip, cool and fun to be around, as is his partner Katie. They are both extremely brave and adventuresome as evidenced by their willingness to travel with their young children, Calla and Kinsey.

And here are Calla, age 4, and Kinsey, age 2. They are sweet, lovely children and we are having a great time playing with them, spoiling them, and giving them back to their parents. In other words, honing our grand-parenting skills.

The eight of us have shared many meals, many stories, lots of laughter and a handful of minor disasters. We are extremely fortunate to be traveling with people who are so supportive and get along so well. Over the next 3 months you will be seeing their faces show up in our photos quite often. To get you started, click on the link below to see photos of the day we spent in Pisa and Lucca together.