Lists, notes and resources

Let the lists begin! I love lists, so I thought I’d start listing some things I wish I’d been tracking all the way along. Maybe you’ll find this useful when you do your round-the-world trip.

Countries Visited = 15

  1. Italy
  2. France
  3. United Kingdom (England, Wales)
  4. Ireland
  5. Croatia
  6. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  7. Montenegro
  8. Slovenia
  9. Austria
  10. Switzerland
  11. Spain
  12. Indonesia (Bali)
  13. Australia
  14. New Zealand
  15. Fiji

Number of countries where dual flush toilets are the norm = 15

This doesn’t mean that every single toilet was dual flush, but a preponderance were. Even developing nations are developing with this as the norm. Come on, U.S., get with it!

Bodies of water we swam in

  1. Zaton Bay, Adriatic Sea (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
  2. Bay of Kotor, Adriatic Sea (Montenegro)
  3. Soca River, Slovenia
  4. Lake Como, Italy
  5. Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy (at the town of Maratea)
  6. Ionian Sea, Italy (Marina di Pulsano)
  7. Indian Ocean at Secret Beach on the southern side of Bali
  8. Bali Sea (on the northern side of Bali and at the Gili Islands)
  9. Agung River, Bali
  10. Coral Sea, Australia (beaches near Cairns and Sunshine Coast)
  11. Whanganui River, New Zealand (this was inadvertent swimming since we tipped our canoe, but still…)

Number of flights, counted as every take off and landing = 20 for a total of 30,895 air miles.

  1. San Francisco – Zurich, Switzerland (Jan 18, United – 5,820 miles)
  2. Zurich – Florence (Jan 19, United – 566 miles)
  3. Pisa – Beauvais, France (Mar 29, Ryanair – 558 miles)
  4. Paris – Florence (Apr 1, Vueling – 541 miles)
  5. Pisa – London, Luton (May 1, Easyjet – 752 miles)
  6. East Midland, England – Dublin, Ireland (May 29, Ryanair – 208 miles)
  7. Dublin – Dubrovnik, Croatia (June 29, Aer Lingus – 1,350 miles)
  8. Podgorica, Montenegro – Ljubljana, Slovenia (July 25, Montenegro Airlines – 353 miles)
  9. Milan, Italy – Barcelona, Spain (October 3, Vueling – 448 miles)
  10. Barcelona – Milan (October 10, Vueling – 448 miles)
  11. Milan – Singapore (October 11, Singapore Airlines – 6,400 miles)
  12. Singapore – Denpasar, Bali (October 12, Singapore Airlines – 1,040 miles)
  13. Denpasar, Bali – Darwin, Australia (Nov 10, Jetstar – 1,100 miles)
  14. Darwin – Cairns, Australia (Nov 11, Jetstar – 1,040 miles)
  15. Cairns – Brisbane, Australia (Dec 1, Jetstar – 864 miles)
  16. Brisbane – Wellington, NZ (Dec 18, Air New Zealand – 1,560 miles)
  17. Wellington – Christchurch, NZ (Dec 27, Jetstar – 189 miles)
  18. Christchurch – Nadi, Fiji (Jan. 6, Air Pacific – 1,800 miles)
  19. Nadi, Fiji – Los Angeles (Jan 10, American – 5,520 miles)
  20. Los Angeles – San Francisco (Jan 10, American – 338 miles)

National Parks Visited

  1. Appenino Lucano N.P., southern Italy (Basilicata)
  2. Gargano N.P., southern Italy (Puglia)
  3. Monti Sibillini N.P., mid-Italy (Umbria)
  4. Pollino N.P., southern Italy (Basilicata)
  5. Plitvice Lakes N.P., Croatia
  6. Mljet N.P., Croatia
  7. Brijuni N.P., Croatia
  8. Triglav N.P., Slovenia
  9. West Bali N.P., Bali
  10. Lake District N.P., England
  11. Peak District N.P., England
  12. Snowdonia N.P., Wales
  13. Connemarra N.P., Ireland (County Galway)
  14. Killarney N.P., Ireland (County Kerry)
  15. The Burren N.P., Ireland (County Clare)
  16. Wicklow Mountains N.P., Ireland (County Wicklow)
  17. Great Barrier Reef Marine N.P., Queensland, Australia
  18. Barron Gorge N.P., Queensland, Australia
  19. Daintree N.P., Queensland, Australia
  20. Curtain Fig N.P. Queensland, Australia
  21. Kuranda N.P., Queensland, Australia
  22. Mowbray N.P., Queensland, Australia
  23. Mossman Gorge N.P., Queensland, Australia
  24. Great Sand N.P., Queensland, Australia
  25. Noosa N.P., Queensland, Australia
  26. Bribie Island N.P., Queensland, Australia
  27. Whanganui N.P., New Zealand (north island)

Best Travel Guide Books

  1. Rick Steves guides, but he only does Europe and only parts of it. His advice is practical and thorough.
  2. Lonely Planet – sadly inadequate after using Rick Steves for months
  3. Rough Guides – pretty good – nice pictures

Favorite Travel Websites

  1. Skyscanner – Compares airline prices, including budget carriers in Europe. I haven’t used it in the U.S., but it is excellent for Europe.
  2. Airbnb – Book a room or a whole house from ordinary people around the world. We used it several times and had good experiences. We found a place in Bali for $500 (USD) for a whole month!
  3. – We did 7 different home exchanges on this trip. They ranged from good to top notch. An excellent way to travel if you can.
  4. Kemwel car rentals – American company with excellent car rental deals throughout the world, especially in Europe. Less expensive than most and lots of customer support in English.
  5. – We used this for hotels and got some outstanding deals. Sign up for their “secret deals” and get rooms for a fraction of the usual cost. We got places as cheap as €20/night.
  6. Bootsnall Travel. Fabulous resource for round-the-world travel. Lots of practical advice as well as location specific articles.
  7. Skype! Stay in touch with family and friends on the road. You can make video (and voice) calls to other skype users for free. You can also make calls from Europe to any cell or land line in the U.S. for 1.2 cents per minute. They don’t even need to know you’re calling from your computer.
  8. Facebook, of course

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