Highlights and Flashbacks

Looking back over our posts, I realize that we have been pretty good thematic writers (especially George) but not as good at the travelog “hey, here we are” style posts. One of the reasons for this is that we like to include photos and the process (for us with old-school cameras, uploading to our laptop, fixing and cropping photos, uploading to the blog site with really spotty internet connections) often takes several hours to accomplish.

I’ve decided that I want to do more of the kind of thing I was doing back in March. Rather than having a word of the day, I’m just going to give quick highlights of days and events. On days when the most exciting thing we’re up to is laundry, I’d like to do some “flashbacks” to some of the photos, stories, and events we haven’t had a chance to write about yet. I’ll label these either Highlight or Flashback, so you know what to expect.  George will continue to do his wonderfully researched, thoughtfully written posts. (I will try, too, but no promises.)

We absolutely treasure your comments and emails, so keep them coming. We do try to write back, so if you think you haven’t gotten a response, check the post again to see if anything is there waiting for you.

Speaking of checking posts, have you seen the Beds 2012 page recently? Guess how many we’re up to now…


5 thoughts on “Highlights and Flashbacks

  1. I enjoy your posts so much, I don’t care what form they are in! Thanks for being my travel guru.
    I am so sorry, however, to hear of your’s and George’s losses, and hope that sad events are over for the duration of your trip. Best Regards, Bev R

  2. Yes, very few of us will be able to take in new horizons and cultures at the leisurely speed that you are proceeding right now, so even a short “this was surprising…..this was breath taking or just beautiful” will allow us to tag along your voyages 🙂

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