A Difficult Week

Do you remember my post a few weeks back entitled “Dangerously Happy”? I knew when I wrote that post that there are moments in life that are soaringly high, and they seem to always be accompanied (sooner or later) by moments that are very low. I try to always pay attention to the moments of happiness, knowing that sorrow is somewhere around the bend.

The sadness of the last week or so comes from events back home. My uncle and George’s brother-in-law both passed away this week, suddenly and unexpectedly. I would love to be there with my family right now. I also got a message from a friend who has split with her long time partner. I tried to call and talk with her, but we keep missing each other. I so want to be there for her right now.

A couple weeks ago we got the absolutely fantastic news that my son and his girlfriend got engaged! They are such a beautiful couple and I’m just thrilled at this turn of events. They are also making a big life change. They are moving to South Korea to teach English for a year. They had a big going-away/engagement party and I tried to content myself with photos and descriptions of the event, but I still felt so sad to miss it.

All this is compounded by a style of travel we don’t usually engage in. Normally, we like to stay in one place for awhile and really get to know it well. Since we’ve been traveling in the south of Italy, we’ve been moving around quite a bit and making long drives to see places. While those places have been stunning and I’m so glad I got to see them, I’m starting to feel exhausted.

I know it seems that we are on a permanent vacation, but life is still life, wherever you go. There are moments of bliss and discovery, and then there are moments of heartache. In the midst of all this I count myself unbelievably blessed to be with a partner whose love, care, tenderness and support are unparalleled. He is simply the most amazing person I have ever known. Traveling together, through the world and through the ups and downs of life, is an experience I treasure – even when the going gets a little rough.


2 thoughts on “A Difficult Week

  1. Lois: I just want to give you more details on the party here last Saturday. Is this the best way? Do you want an email report? Where to send? I wanna tell you everything, so you can feel like you were here! Hugs, Paula. PS: So much fun my feet hurt for 2 days!

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