Fitness Update

Have I mentioned lately that George is my hero? In many ways, but especially lately as an inspiration to get in better shape. Since early July, George has been running almost every day. Some of you may remember that I hurt my foot back in February and had to stop running, but now after 6 months, my foot seems to be pretty much healed and I’m back to running, too.

George runs further, faster, and more often than I do – about 30 minutes a day, almost every day. For awhile there I was running about 20 minutes every other day, but I’ve since gotten with the program and I’m now running daily, too. At the end of our run we’re super hot and sweaty, so we go for a swim to cool off. Again, George swims farther and for a longer time period than I do. Then we lie in the sweet, Italian sunshine to dry off. If we had bikes we could start training for a mini-triathalon. As much as I like the idea of biking, it seems like you’d have to have a death wish to ride bikes on the roads around the lake, especially with Italian drivers on the roads.

We’re really starting to see the results of our exercise, too. Our clothes are fitting better and we feel pretty great, too. George has lost more than half his tummy, and mine is slowly becoming a bit flatter as well. We drink outrageous quantities of water, which is a good thing, and we’re eating a lot more fresh fruits and veggies – easy to do in Italy during the summer.

Lucky for us, this is going to be a 6-month-long summer, so hopefully by the time you all see us again, we will be trimmed, toned, tanned and well rested.


3 thoughts on “Fitness Update

  1. If this photo shows me after having lost half of my tummy, just imagine what I must have looked like before losing any of it. Che orribile!
    As far as Lois is concerned, she started off the exercise program with an advantage. She was already all svelte and beautiful…….. I have the photos to prove it.

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