Dangerously Happy

Ok. I just can’t stand it anymore. I’ve been avoiding writing because I want to capture every story and post every photo and I’m just too far behind. I have a post half written entitled “The First Day of Summer” and summer is well into full fruit. I do intend to go back and capture what I can of the last six weeks, but right now I just have to post something that conveys how amazingly happy I am in this moment.

We just checked in to our new “home” on Lake Como. This wasn’t on our itinerary at all, but through a strange series of events, we have landed on these magical shores and I feel thoroughly elated – like I’m standing on the edge of a cliff. Happiness of this kind always feels tempered by the knowledge of how far you can fall. But I’m happy all the same. And the crazy thing is that this feeling keeps popping up over and over again. Not every day, mind you, but frequently.

We found a one-bedroom apartment right on the shores of the lake, in the middle of the summer. I thought this was completely impossible, yet here we are. We’ve visited Lake Como several times before, so we already knew how gorgeous it was, but to be looking out the window at this view just sets my heart all aflutter.

The sound of the waves gently lapping at the shore calms my nerves and assures me that I am in the right place.

We arrived in a thunder-storm, which is elating in its own way, and now the clouds have parted to reveal a magnificent rainbow whose colors reach right down into the depths of the lake.

There is a gentle breeze and the last rays of the setting sun are twinkling on the water’s surface. We’ve just unpacked our bags and we are thrilled to realize that we get to stay here for an entire MONTH. Thirty whole days in one place! I see lots of reading, swimming, hiking, eating, and staring off into space in my future.

And, if I’m an especially good girl, I will do a good deal of writing as well, so that you can see all the other places we’ve been. We have had some amazing adventures in the last six weeks with friends new and old. I do want to share them with you, but right now, I think I’ll just let the happiness wash over me. Everyone deserves moments like these. May you be experiencing them too, wherever you are.


7 thoughts on “Dangerously Happy

  1. I am happy for you,Lois. A month in an apartment on Lake Como is wonderful. When we stayed for three nights, we thought of it as one of the highlights of our trip to Italy.
    I have been wondering what happened to your fingers lately. I’m glad that you will soon be back. George has been doing a good job while you were absent.

    • Hi Karen, We have stayed at Lake Como twice before and loved it both times. To stay here for the entire month of August and right on the lake with a view from every room is just more than I could have hoped for. We’re going to try to go to Lake Maggiore while we’re here, and probably take a little jaunt up to Switzerland, too.
      Miss you.

  2. o*m*g* That rainbow!! It’s a sign!!! Dive in and don’t be afraid to fall. Happiness isn’t dangerous, even when you’re falling from it, b/c you can always go back to these photos and recapture it. Thank you so much to the universe for coming together to make this happen for you. It’s so wonderful!! I wish there were two more weeks of summer left to my vacation time — I would book a flight!

    • Thank you, my dear. I am embracing the happiness and holding it loosely. The happiness continues. I do wish you were here to share it with me.
      Love you tons,

  3. I loved reading about how much you love this place in Lake Como, even though I’m right here with you. You should take more credit for your incredible skill in finding amazing houses and apartments in beautiful places on a limited budget. Speaking of what sets the heart aflutter, for me it is sharing all these wonderful places with you.

  4. bello bello. Since you will miss my 70th, I am going to insist on a “show” when you return. We have a “home theater” now 21st century. And oh this aging when all things beautiful are seen and felt with still new wonder, love, karen

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