The quick and dirty

No, we haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth. For about two weeks there, I was writing nearly every day and then all of a sudden I just stopped. This isn’t because I wasn’t thinking about all of you. I was. Often. It’s because things got really busy, and then I got behind, and then I started to feel guilty, and then I started avoiding my computer altogether. It is time to get back on track.

Here are the highlights of what have happened in the last month. Each of these deserve their own post, and I may or may not get to writing them all, but I am including one image from each of these highlights, because, well… you deserve it.

April 10th – 17th: The California Redwood Chorale came to Verona for an international chorale festival and competition. I met them at the airport, we all transferred over to our gorgeous digs in the little town of Bardolino on the shores of Lake Garda. Singing ensued. Laughter ensued. WAY too much food ensued. We saw the sites in Verona and Venice. On the 15th we all transferred to Florence where we continued to eat and sing and see the sites. More detail on our exploits in another post.

CRC signing at Santa Maria dei Ricci church in Florence. I am way on the left of this photo at the piano.

April 19 – 21: We went to Turin with one of George’s colleagues (Diana) for the weekend. What a fabulous city! We loved it. We stayed with some friends of Diana’s there, and they showed us around their city. We spoke a lot of Italian and ate a lot of asparagus and took a lot of pictures.

A beautiful meal in a beautiful setting next to the Po River. From right to left: Diana Bennet (George’s colleague), Gabriele (the son), Fabrizio (the papa), Marco (a friend of Gabriele), and me.

April 24th: Student going away party, marking nearly the end of the semester. The students celebrated their time in Florence, the friendships and memories they had made, and mourned their impending departure. I made a speech about George’s retirement, which I posted for you all to read.

Colin and Drew singing karaoke with all their hearts!

April 27th: George’s first official day of retirement. Students left Florence. George and I had a few days to say good bye to the people in our neighborhood and to squeeze in a few more sights.

With our friends Vincenzo and Dejan at one of our favorite restaurants in Florence: Da i’Boia

May 1st: We flew to London to visit our friends Pat and Paul Hunt and their two lovely children. We stayed for 5 days, had a blast, did some really great stuff that I’ll tell you about in another post, and headed for London

Pat, Paul, and Ethan on the iron horse in the town of Ware.

Lois and Ellis on the seesaw.

May 6th: Two days in London of sightseeing. We fit in quite a bit for such a short time there.

Oxford Street all dressed up in her finery for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee coming up in June.

May 8th: Arrived in Derby, very nearly the center of England. We are doing our part of a home exchange here for 3 weeks.

Our lovely 4 bedroom manor house in the English countryside. Yippee for home exchanges!

May 9th: Came down with nasty, rotten colds. BOO! Slept a lot. Got out for a few walks to see the local area. A little.

Fields of rape (a relative of mustard) on our most ambitious walk in the English countryside so far.

Today! May 16th: Feeling better (though not all the way). Got a car and are poised to go see more of the English and Welsh countrysides!

Ok. That’s the quick and dirty. Guilt assuaged. Maybe now I can get back to “word of the day.”


2 thoughts on “The quick and dirty

  1. “We are doing our part of a home exchange here for 3 weeks.” — Just wondering…what is their part of the home exchange? Are we having company here in Forestville that we don’t know about?! Should I ready the guest room?! Kidding…and so glad to see you posting again!

    Also, I am in love with your roses. Each and every one of them! They make me happy every day. So does the fully functional herb garden. Still mad at the oven, but we are close to a truce.

    • Hi Heather, Haha. No, they’ve already done their time in Lake Tahoe, so you’re safe. Glad to hear the roses are bringing you joy. I can still see them in my mind’s eye, right out the back window – especially the red and white ones. I am so seriously missing fresh herbs here. It’s really hard to find them in the the supermarkets, probably because England is so far north. Ask Jensen to tell me what other large city is on a similar latitude with Derby, England. I know it is further north than anything in America except Alaska.

      Sorry about the oven. I feel your pain. Is it barbecue weather yet?

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